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Couples Clinics

Couples experiencing marital or relationship strife benefit immensely by understanding the issues under the surface. Old, outdated beliefs can keep people stuck in a painful "bonding pattern" with no apparent way out. By identifying issues such as how couples become unconsciously polarized, and by increasing each person's awareness of how they participate in the dynamic, Susan has helped hundreds of clients regain control of their relationship dynamics and have healthier interactions.


Relationship Insight Groups: Ideal for any woman who is ready to change the patterns in relationships that no longer serve her. Because we can't change what we are not conscious of, this group focuses on bringing to light outdated belief systems and perceptions she has about herself and the world around her that unknowingly set her up for unfulfilling or even abusive situations.

Divorce Groups: Ongoing bi-weekly groups provide emotional support in a safe, intimate environment to women at any stage of the divorce or separation process. Topics center around self-esteem, empowerment and getting on the other side of difficult feelings and situations.

Divorce Clinics

We offer webinars that are available to download 24/7 and live programs that provide people on the divorce continuum with education about the decision process or ultimately, the divorce process.

The first is called, Contemplating Divorce, and it is designed for women or couples who are thinking about potentially divorcing. In order to make the decision of whether to stay in the marriage or leave, it is essential to have as much knowledge as possible.

This forum provides for this learning. Everything from how do you tell your spouse you want to leave, how to minimize anger and tension in the dissolution process, to basics in what you need to know legally, financially and emotionally.

Know More/Spend Less/Do Better Divorce Workshop Series

This divorce series is put on by top-notch professionals in the divorce arena (Therapists, Financial Professionals and Family Law Attorneys) and serves as a GPS to navigate the marital dissolution process.

Participants receive valuable information on what to expect emotionally during their divorce, how to protect themselves financially and the latest facts and trends regarding the legalities of divorce, including what kind of divorce is best for your situation, how to find a good attorney, knowing when you have the wrong attorney and so much more.

For a list of current workshops, retreats and other types of events being held, see the Calendar page.

Newsletters: T.I.M. publishes an on-line newsletter which includes inspirational and educational articles, transition tips, information on upcoming events, and a suggested reading list. To sign up to receive this free, informative newsletter below:

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Personalized Counseling & Divorce Coaching

This unique setting provides guidance and information to any individual or couple who is just beginning a divorce and wants a comprehensive overview of how to navigate the divorce process as well as the legal system. Taking advantage of this service, as well as the Divorce Workshop (for women and men separately and held once every four months), will save participants a great deal of time, money and energy because they will know what they need - as well as how to get it - in order to proceed.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Susan has been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Model as a Divorce Coach. In a Collaborative Divorce, each spouse retains a Family Attorney (who has also been trained in the Collaborative Model) as well as a Divorce Coach to assist them in the marital dissolution process. The Collaborative approach is cutting edge and, much like Mediation, it is a supportive model designed to preserve the familial relationships and empower spouses to find the right settlement for their situation. For more information on the Collaborative Approach to divorce and to see if this paradigm is appropriate for you, read Collaborative Divorce by two Bay Area divorce professionals, Pauline H. Tesler, M.A., J.D., and Peggy Thompson, Ph.D., or visit their website.


As a complement to her extensive coaching and therapeutic background in dealing with inter-personal relationships and divorce, Susan has been trained as a mediator. She is on the Board of Directors of the Integrative Mediators of Marin (I.M. is a holistic model of mediation that employs both an attorney and a mental health professional and it can be applied to all kinds of mediation services - i.e. family law, employment, neighbor disputes, etc.).
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